It has always been our commitment to manufacturing feed processing machine, feed production line, microorganism fertilizer production line and refuse disposal production line. Our company has impeccable sales system and after-sales service system. Among 20 employees from sales department and customer service department, 5 of whom are responsible for foreign operations, 5 for technical support of overseas market and 10 for after-sales service. Working in Decheng Company for many years, they have rich experience in the field and are capable of providing professional business support and customers service to you.

Pre-sales service
1. Question answering: we will communicate with our customers through telephone or E-mail on the problem they met. For example, if customers want to know the type of product suitable for them, we will recommend the relevant machine to them based on the product type, product usage and production capacity required.
2. Technical guidance: if clients want to purchase parts and components from us, our technical staff will recommend the optimal product according to the model of the existing machines of the customers.
3. Product recommendation: besides more than one hundred kinds of products, we can also develop customized product for our clients. Based on product application, purchase quantity, and other related information, we will recommend several products with good performance to our customers for their selection.
4. Costing and quotation: based on the purchase amount, we will offer the most competitive quotation to our clients.

In-sales Service
1. Delivery time: generally, the delivery time is 30 working days after the order is placed. In particular cases, such as the big order, the delivery time shall be 45 working days.
2. Order tracking: we will designate specialized staff to follow the production conditions of the order.
3. Product inspection: during production, our technical engineers will test each parts and component to ensure the quality of the machine.
4. Product transportation: there are multiple choices for the customers to select. For, sea transportation, goods shall be shipped from Port of Shanghai.

After-sales Service
1. Warranty period: generally, the warranty period of our product is one year. However, as a responsible supplier, we will offer the following services as well.
1) Within the warranty period, if customers use the machine according to the Product Specification and the Operating Instruction, Decheng Company will be responsible for repairing the machine. The travel expense, maintenance cost, parts and components cost will be afforded by our company.
2) If the equipment trouble is caused by mal-operation, within warranty period, we can designate our technical staff to repair the machine, also. The maintenance is free of charge. However, customers shall assume the cost for travel, parts and components required during repair, as well as the fittings replaced.
3) Beyond warranty period, we will offer parts and components to our customers, as always.
4) In case customer is trapped with quality problem failed to be solved, which has affected production, we will designate the relevant staff to offer assistance.
5) According to the market development situation, we will make suggestion to our clients to formulate the technical transformation plan to keep the advancement of the processing technology.
6) The technical data of the machines purchased shall be well and permanently saved. Customers can contact us at any time if they want this information.

2. We have specialized staff following up the use of products and collecting customer feedback.

Pellet Mill Spare Parts

Located in Liyang city, Decheng Agro-machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of animal feed processing machinery. Due to our easy access to raw material suppliers, we can acquire raw materials as well as equipment spare parts conveniently. The convenient purchase helps us to decrease the cost of our range of pellet mills and pellet production lines. Moreover, many of parts and components are manufactured by ourselves, some of which are used for assembling, and some for the replacement of the wearing parts. Customers can contact us directly for purchasing the parts and components to replace the damaged ones.

The parts and components mentioned below can be used on OGM series pellet mill, like OGM0.8, OGM1.5, OGM-p. Customers who want to purchase these pellet mill spare parts can contact us.

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