A complete pellet feed set of KSJZ5000 series

A complete pellet feed set of KSJZ5000 series

This KSJZ5000 series pelletizing line is a great fertilizer production line available for manufacturing compound fertilizer. More often, it is used as an animal feed production line by the small and medium-sized feed processing mill, livestock and poultry farm and self-employed enterprise.

Compared with the set of KSJZ1500 series, the production capacity of this pelletizing line has been greatly improved. The land occupation, which is just 16% larger than that of KSJZ1500 series is effectively reduced since the height of the pellet feed production line is increased. At present, this pellet mill line has been sold to Vietnam, Philippines, Bengal, Africa, etc. .

Main Equipment of the Pelletizing Line
Bucket elevator, permanent magnet separator, feed grinding mill, screw conveyor, pulse deduster, double shaft mixer (500kg/batch), screw conveyor, pellet mill, counterflow cooler, draught fan, dust collector, pellet crumbler, rotary screening machine, general electric control cabinet, unloader, feedstock silo, air circulation system and pipeline.

Flow Chart of the Pelletizing Line
This is the flow chart for the pellet production line.

  • 1. Pulse deduster
    2. Feedstock screener
    3. Bucket elevator
    4. Preliminary cleaning screen
    5. Permanent magnet
    6. Silo for material to be grinded
    7. Adjustable speed feeder
    8. Grinding mill
    9. Screw conveyor
    10. Bucket elevator
    11. Finished powder silo
    12. Pulse deduster
    13. Feedstock screener
    14. Bucket elevator
    15. Permanent magnet
    16. Double shaft mixer
  • 17. Transitional silo
    18. Screw conveyor
    19. Bucket elevator
    20. Tee joint
    21. Silo for material to be pelletized
    22. Pellet mill
    23. Airlock
    24. Counterflow cooler
    25. Draught fan
    26. Unloader
    27. Bucket elevator
    28 Grinding mill
    29. Rotary screener
    30. Finished product silo
    31. Manual control gate
    32. General electric control cabinet

Main Technical Parameters of the Pelletizing Line
Production Capacity
Granule 1-5t/h
Size of granule: Φ2, Φ2.5, Φ3, Φ3.5, Φ4, Φ4.5 (mm)
Powder: 5t/h
Total power: 125kW (Type A) 118.8kW (Type B)
Overall dimensions (L×W×H):5800×4000×8000(mm)

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